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Our Honourable Chairman

Sri. K C Puttasiddashetty  - M A, B. Ed (Ex - MLC)

Sri Viveka Vidyalaya is a new institution started in Mysore city in this academic year with the objective of offering value and need based education to the general public. The vision of the college is integrated development, leading the value based leadership in a globalised world, while of mission is quality education for integrated growth.

PU education or +2 as it is called as a spring board in every student’s life. The department of PU education has decided to opt for NCERT syllabus from the year 2012-13. This syllabus is slightly higher in quality and this is going to pose a greater problem for the students especially for those who study in the regional language. Keeping this problem in mind we started activity based teaching technique where we can enrich the knowledge of the students for the national level competition.

Dear students, it is a place to learn, explore and discover. I extend my hearty welcome to all the students who have secured admissions in our esteemed institution. 

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Our Honourable Managing Director

Sri. M S Nagesh - M.A, B Lib Sc.

Swami Vivekananda said “Dare to be free, dare to go as far as your thoughts lead and dare to carry that out in your life”. Following his words, we believe in empowering our children, the future of our nation to think and to dream higher by adding spark to their curiosity. We believe in the thought of “-ಜ್ಞಾನಮೇವ ಪರಮಂ ಧ್ಯೇಯಂ“ – The ultimate goal of the human life is the gain of knowledge and so that the knowledge we provide feeds a child's  curiosity to explore the opportunities to follow its  passion and hence contributing to the growth of our nation. Building a character of each child requires evolution of own thoughts into strengths through nourishment of care and guidance by our teachers and institution to find the path of success. The truth of life is imparted to students as the essence of knowledge. That’s the reason, our motto is “Effective Training to Excel”.

Our Honourable Administrator Officer

Smt. Bhavani Nagesh - M. A, M.L.I.Sc.

Sri Viveka Vidyalaya is growing with new ideas and concepts which will enhance our way of life. The culture, communication, human values with prescribed academic skills is imparted in a practical way. Sri Viveka Vidyalaya stands for imparting quality education. So with your extended co-operation, I wish Sri Viveka Vidyalya will grow to the peak level.

Our Honourable Principal


Education should aim at building character and not earning money alone. It should promote moral ethics, ethological and communicative skills to make the youth mentally and physically strong so that they can face any challenges in their life. Sri Viveka Vidyalaya has been established on the same principle to fulfil the urgent need of the hour. So respected parents and dear students let us join our hands together for this holy 

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