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Rules & Regulations

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1. The name of the Association shall be Sri Viveka Vidyalaya Alumni Association and it shall have its office at Sri Viveka Vidyalaya P.U. College, Srirampura, Mysore.


2. The Aims and Objectives of the association shall be –

(a) (i) To establish a forum to preserve the memories, associations and traditions of Sri Viveka Vidyalaya and Sri Viveka Vidyanilaya.

(ii) To maintain continuity by serving as a vital link between the past and the present students, staff and members of the management of the Vidyalaya.

(iii) To make a sincere effort on all occasions to hold before the alumni, the teachings and ideals of Swami Vivekananda.

(b) (i) To maintain a database containing information such as name, permanent address, years of stay, qualifications and present occupational details of all the members of the Association.

(ii) To enlist the interest and services of old students in strengthening and improving the infrastructure facilities of the Vidyalaya.

(iii) To organize and promote meetings, seminars, spiritual retreats, sports competitions, cultural and literary activities.

(iv) To help and encourage outstanding and brilliant students among the old students, for pursuing higher studies.

(v) To receive/raise/collect donations, funds and other receipts for the fulfillment of the aims and objectives of the Association, to utilize such funds in such manner as the managing committee may consider necessary.

Every year we associate with the old students in the name of “Viveka Sammilana” wherein they exchange their ideas, share their views, and raise funds or scholarships.  We also organize spiritual retreats, sports competitions and cultural activities to build their association with the institution.


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